Process Image logger

Process image (PI) logger facilitates collection and transfer of PI data without impacting the real-time performance of the system. PI data can be transferred to external software tools such as MATLAB, LabView (TDMS format) for analysis or other purposes.

Using multiple PI clients, one can monitor any PI variable using KPA EtherCAT Studio’s run-time Data Logger tool. KPA EtherCAT master can capture snapshots of configured PI variables (i.e. user data, slave variables, master’s service data, … ) on selected events,  store multiple snapshots in a buffer and send them to KPA EtherCAT Studio. One can analyze the PI variables using a Run-time Data Logger tool (in Studio) in a chart view as shown below.

Ex. Display of variables in Run-time Data Logger


Ex. Display & integration of PI data in MATLAB


KPA master also offers a Python extension, that allows aggregating data in a file, (i.e. a CSV file) for further analysis with other software tools.

Ex. Graphing of PI data using the Python script