Process Image logger

Process image (PI) logger allows to collect real-time data for transferring to other levels without influence on real-time behavior of the control system. Data can be transferred to MATLAB, LabView (TDMS format), and any other analytic tools.

Using multiple PI clients now it is possible to monitor changes of any PI variables in run-time mode with the help of Run-time Data Logger tool of KPA EtherCAT Studio. Master captures snapshots of configured PI variables (user’s, Slave’s or Master service’s etc.) on desired event, then stores multiple snapshots in a buffer and send it to Studio. The user can analyze changes of the variables by using Run-time Data Logger tool (in Studio) where they are represented in the chart view.

Example of variables chart in Run-time Data Logger

Moreover, koenig-pa GmbH has designed a special Python extension, which allows to aggregate data into a file of any format, for example a CSV-file, for its further processing.

Example of PI data integration in MATLAB

Example of PI data integration in Python