RADIC is a technology company in the heart of Silicon Valley. We specialize in industrial networking protocols and systems for batch control, process control and motion control. We are also the embedded development experts utilizing PC/IPC systems as well as embedded systems utilizing MCU, FPGA and RTOS technologies.

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  • Hardware design including PCB and FPGA / IP-Core
  • MCU & CPU: x86, ARM, Power Arch, SoC’s
  • Board design and manufacturing using partner facilities in Japan
  • Electronics testing and consulting for EMC/CE certification
  • Realtime Operating Systems:
  1. QNX, VxWorks, Nucleus, RT-Linux, INtime, RTX
  • Control systems:
  1. PID and model based control
  2. Temperature control, Flow control, Pressure control,
  3. Motion control using PLC Open Standard
  4. PLC & Logic Control using IEC-61131
  • Technology research, market analysis and consulting for M&A

Our Partners

Koenig* provides factory automation technologies and integrated solutions, offering a full range of software, services, and solutions; especially EtherCAT* master and slave implementations.

SOHARD is the industry leader for ARCNET technology. They provide hardware, software, development and monitoring tools as well as IPCore and consulting services for ARCNET.

Pureron is a supplier of high purity gas and liquid filters, transducers and instrumentation products for the Semiconductor OEM industry.

KSJ is a Japanese technology company with expertise in control systems for machine and mechanical maker.