KPA EtherCAT Python

KPA EtherCAT master provides an RPC Server within the MDK package that allows one to communicate with the Master remotely.

To start the RPC Server, rpcserver.dll needs to be invoked with proper connection parameters (port and IP address) of the Master. By default, port 5000 is used. In case of the Multimaster  configuration, different ports numbers can be assigned for each Master instances (i.e. Master1: port=5000, Master2: port=5001).

KPA EtherCAT Studio attaches to Master via RPC Server. Also, it is possible to communicate with Master via RPC Server from the other applications, such as Python applications.

Python applications are useful to visualize some processes, to create a charts/diagrams or for online configuring.

With RPC Server, it is possible to use Python application to configure or diagnose KPA EtherCAT Master.

Python version 3.9 is included in KPA EtherCAT Python package. For details, refer to KPA EtherCAT Python integration manual.